Friday, January 30, 2015

Lube Shooter

                When I started this blog, I wanted to do it all about my sex life as I thought I had entertaining and erotic stories to tell which were being told to my friends. They thought I should write them down and thus this blog was born. More recently a friend suggested that since I had to have experiences to write stories it might be worth my time to review some of the toys (in between stories) I own since I do enjoy collecting them. So for the introduction to the toys I own, I want to choose a toy that is more utility than sexy times, the Lube Shooter.

NOTE: I bought this item with my own money. I’ve had no contact with the manufacturer or website that sold it at the time of writing (beyond what it took to purchase the item). I have received no money for any of my reviews and want to keep it that way. I also do not test these products in every way imaginable, only as I've reasonably had need to in the course of my sex life. My opinions are my own, not those of anyone else. I’m totally OK with agreeing to disagree. I also use whatever website I have happened to purchase them from to link everyone else to.

The Struggle:
             Lube is absolutely necessary for gay sex, yet I find it super frustrating to apply. I’m a huge fan of silicone based lubes and won’t buy anything that won’t play well with it. Unlike water-based which can gel a little bit and quickly become sticky, silicone stays a lubricant. So getting it into a bottom’s ass is an exercise in frustration. Yes, some bottoms lube, and I appreciate those that do, but the majority of my partners expect me to lube them up for play. So I put a drop on my finger, try to get it in the hole and the lube drop slides down and away and around just like a liquid should. Thus I spend several minutes trying to get lube INSIDE boys for their comfort and mine, and most of it ends up on the outside of their ass and/or on my sheets.

Where the lube shooter comes in:
            I bought brightly colored plastic ones (red specifically). Due to changes in the content policy of Blogger i am no longer allowed to include sexually explicit pictures on my blog. See the very bottom of the article for a product link to see what this item looks like.

            They’re a great price! $7.95 and I get the plunger, and three syringes? That’s odd, why do I need three syringes if I only get one plunger? I set that question aside and bought a set eagerly. Once they arrived I had one of my boys over. I grabbed my bottle of Swiss Navy lube and unscrewed the top, then tilted it slightly and jammed the syringe into the lube and pulled back. The plug moves smoothly but slowly, and I realize that the outside is now lubed by virtue of being dipped into the lube. I made sure to let excess lube drip off then pressed into his butthole. The thickness is about half an inch and he had no problems (even though “tight”) accepting it into his hole. The first time I did this I filled the lube shooter half way through as there’s no “level indicator” on the device that might give you a clue how much you need. When my cock sunk into his ass, a LOT of lube spilled out around my dick and onto the bed

I would recommend taking the smallest finger on your hand and the size of the finger tip segment should be sufficient lube as the top will spread it about inside with his dick while the bottom is being fucked. Test for yourself but it's easier to add more and impossible to subtract too much. Also, I often finger boys to get them started. In this case, I figured since I already had the shooter inside him and it was firm I could use it to play with him without getting my hands lubed. Turns out that the grips for your fingers to hold it in place as you inject the lube are sharp, tough, and were uncomfortable when scraped across the skin.

Here’s where the lube shooter falls apart:
         After the first session, my guest left and I went to the kitchen. I grabbed the dish soap and turned on hot water. I did a motion similar to masturbation of the shooter with my hand and dish soap to clean the lube shooter off. I ran it under the water and it still felt a little slick. So I did the whole thing again and thought “well it’s probably just soap residue, it’s fine”. So I put it away for a month and then go to get it when the next boy is over and I find that the surface has become deformed! It looked like the weight of toys had made an impression in the surface of the lube shooter. But it still worked and it was like footprints in soft mud so there were no sharp edges. I ignored it and used the toy again, cleaned it, put it away, and didn’t look at it again for a month. 

        This time when I pulled it out again, the tip where the lube is taken in was cracked open on one side. The weakened structure of the shooter was being pressed out by the rubber stopper of the lube shooter and broke. I tried to extract the plunger, but with the rubber having expanded it was near impossible to get it past the now sharp edges that the plunger had created busting out of the side like fucking Mister Kool-aide. With significant difficulty I DID get it free and grabbed another syringe and put it in.
        I’d long since tossed the packaging (which was pretty minimal) and started kicking myself for not reading it since I have a sex toy policy of “must survive silicone lube”. Then as I slide the plunger in, I wondered why they packaged three syringes again. It may be the case that this sort of thing happens a bit inevitably and the silicone lube simply accelerated the process. Ultimately, I ended up going through all three. All three busted the tip where the rubber rests when it’s not in use.

-          Easy to use
-          Cheap
-          Huge time and effort saver
-          Actually saves lube since you end up using less lube when it all goes where it needs to be
-          Bright colors are easy to see in a shoe box crowded with other toys
-          Plastic construction makes it something you can get past TSA without hassle
-          Syringe motion is pretty smooth
-          Easy to clean
-          Hands stay clean
-          Diameter is easy for ANYONE to take up their butt

-          Doesn’t work with all lubes
-          Plastic seems fairly cheap
-          Plastic grip’s edges are rather rough/sharp if pressed into the bottom’s ass.

       If you aren’t using silicone this may last longer for you than it did for me. The price is quite hard to beat. They had so many pros when I bought them that as annoying it is they don’t last forever, (like I wish they would) the convenience convinced me to purchase a second set after the first set broke. My bottoms are all apprehensive at first but once it quickly and painlessly lubes their butt they actually enjoy the convenience as much as I do. If you can afford something a bit more expensive, the metal might be a better choice. I’m still testing out my metal shooter to see how well it lasts. If you’re short on cash, GET ONE. These are WELL worth the eight bucks plus shipping.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Full Fetish Part 3

                As I stood ready to fuck the first of at least three other holes that night I suddenly took in my surroundings. I realized there were couches ringing the slings. The other two were occupied, one by a pair doing fisting and the other by some leather daddies. The couches were now full of shoulder to shoulder men stroking their cocks of various sizes. Some of them were men that were watching me in the circle. I also noticed that a set of large speakers were behind me pumping out music I could feel through the plywood beneath my feet. I snapped back into myself and pushed against the hole in front of me.

                I met with some resistance but it was clear that Goatee had loosened the hole up a bit and ultimately I pushed all the way to the base in a single motion. I hadn’t jerked off in 3 days at this point and I could feel my orgasm bubbling and gave it a moment. Then I focused and started my pump. I realized that I was standing on a rough surface and had really good traction. I gripped the chains and started using them to pull the bottom close during a rhythmic fuck. Then I realized with his mass it would be difficult to pick up the pace too much without doing all the work. Instead I made the fuck rough. I must have been the height the sling was designed for because my dick perfectly aligned with his hole allowing me to pull all the way out and go straight back in without catching.

                “Give it to him daddy!” shouted the Asian with a fro. I smiled, leaned in over the giant (intentionally pushing into him the furthest I could) and said “Who said you could talk faggot? Get back to work!” I smiled when I said this. He smiled as well and returned to the nipple but watched attentively. I continued the slam fuck for a while but it was getting rough on my knees and thighs. I switched it up to a slower pump and then when I felt my legs were more rested adjusted to get ready for a rapid pounding. I set off with light quick strokes in his hole and he really seemed to enjoy that. I took the opportunity to grip his dick and jack it. It didn’t take long before his hips started bucking against my hand as I slammed into him and POP a load coated his abs. It wasn’t especially large, he’d probably blown at least once tonight.

                I reached out and grabbed his hand to help pull him to his feet. He wobbled a moment but caught himself. “Sir, thank you for the dick. Would you be open to a repeat performance this weekend?” he said. I reached into my wallet and produced a business card. It had my kink info on it as well as the name of the event we met at written on the back. He examined the card and slipped it into his boot and left. I heard the chains rattle and saw the black jock had climbed into the sling. I looked at the goateed guy and he immediately set to prepping the black guy’s hole. He worked his fingers in for a second or two and then pulled out. “His hole is already ready, Sir.” he reported. I leaned to look at the guy in the sling and he had a grin on his face. Not wanting a repeat of the awkwardness of the giant’s actions I set afro Asian and goatee guy to make out with each other. “Prepare each other’s holes.” I instructed.

                I slid into his slick ass. It was tighter than the giant’s but not so much so I was unable to get in (who hasn’t had that problem?) Once all the way in I leaned over and brought my hand behind his head and brought him forward to touch foreheads. “Gimme that white dick, Sir.” He growled and tightened his ass around my dick. I started a slower fuck and kept our foreheads touched together looking him in the eyes. “I wanted this the instant I saw you, Sir. I thought I’d have to wait around forever for a one on one with you.” He gasped suddenly as my dick missed his hole on an entry and I repositioned it and slid back in. “I’ve been looking forward to this too. My nipples love you and that tight ass of yours was taunting me while you bit down.” I said my throat becoming dry.
“Did you blow your load?” he asked.
“No. You want my load in you?” I asked.
His face scrunched up in an odd expression. “I have a boyfriend, Sir. I’m already breaking some rules, Sir. I want it, Sir but I’m afraid…”
“Don’t stress, boy. Let’s just enjoy the moment. I won’t give you my load.” I said.

He closed his eyes, face shrouded with conflict. I kissed his forehead and kept going. I could see him relax.  I resumed my standing position pulling away and noticed rope burns on his nutsack. I grabbed the mark between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed. I heard a hiss and saw him smile. “Thank you, Sir!” he shouted over the speakers. I decided to push it a bit and this time pinched down with my fingernails, another hiss and a strained smile. I continued my fucking for a bit. His ass felt great. His hole was shaved and I think he’d done it earlier that day because I was starting to feel the burn of 5 o’clock ass shadow grinding away on my dick. Since I wasn’t going to cum, I pulled out and gave him a kiss on the lips, then helped him up. “Sir, may I ask what you gave the tall guy before?” he asked. I grabbed my wallet and pulled out another card. “He wanted another play session over the weekend.” I replied handing him the card. He studied it for a moment and flipped it over. “Sir, if you have time while you’re here I’d like to buy you a meal and enjoy your company!” he said into my ear. “I’d love that boy. Good luck with the rest of your night boy!” I said back into his ear. He walked down the steps and disappeared into the crowd.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Full Fetish Part 2

                Feeling pretty badass and desirable from snagging a tall guy like this who sucks dick like a pro about 20 seconds after camping out on this fence, I lock gaze with the black guy. He’s an inch or two smaller than me. His hair is cropped short, he’s clean shaven, he has on a neoprene harness, a crotchless jockstrap, and combat boots. His dick is at least 8 inches and thicker than average but not quite a beer can. In the process of showing off he turns and runs his hands over his ass. It’s really nicely shaped. I want it. My current cocksucker is still giving ample, slow attention to every inch of my shaft. I place a hand on his head to guide his efforts. Then I look back up at the black jock and point directly at him and beckon him over too. I now notice a lot more men are paying attention to what’s going on with me and the men attending me.

                He strides over and is entirely confident about his approach. Once he gets within range to speak he opens his mouth to say something. Instead I pull him in for a kiss and slip him some tongue. “Now suck my tit.” I say as I break the kiss. With no further conversation he complies. He starts suckling lightly on my left nipple.  I lean over and tell him to go harder and continue to encourage him until he’s applying the appropriate pressure. My nips are wired but you have to go hard on them to set them off. With my newest slave installed I turn my gaze to the rest of the room.

This time a very bouncy Asian with an afro kind of hairstyle catches my attention. He’s probably 5’3 and 120 lbs with a decent sized dick (6-7 inches). I had barely extended my arm before he RACED across the room. “Hello Sir! Please let me serve you!” his voice was excited and high pitched. I’m actually a fan of queeny guys. I don’t exactly know why but it makes my dick hard. I wanted to kiss him so I wrapped my right arm under his arm around his upper body and lifted him off the ground so that the jock on my left nipple didn’t have to deal with my shifting nipple. As his body and cock was pressed into my right side I felt his dick pulse as I went in for the kiss. He made his excitement and pleasure explicitly clear as I kissed him. I thrust my tongue into his mouth to lock tongues with him and he sucked on it emphatically. I put him down satisfied with his performance and pressed him to my right nipple. Again I had to instruct him to go harder but he upped the pain rather quickly so it was less work to “tune him” for my pleasure.

I looked down at what I had going for me, two men working my nipples and one guy sucking my dick. I was thrilled. I had a huge grin on my face and I had at least an occasional notice from every man there. I looked out into the sea and I found another white guy eager to make my acquaintance. He had a goatee which was precisely manicured and a fade cut hairstyle with brown hair. He was well defined and was a bit short but very confident in his appearance. This time I simply pointed and he wasted no time. He strode across the floor smoothly and in no hurry. “SIR!” he said briskly proclaimed. “I cannot help but notice your boots are unattended, Sir! Your slave humbly seeks permission to give them the loving care with its tongue.” I raised an eyebrow and made a show of looking him up and down. This was mostly to unnerve him but to his credit he stayed perfectly collected and I didn’t see a single flinch. I smiled and nodded. He kneeled in the lube (and most likely jizz) coating the floor and lapped long broad strokes all over my boots.

At that moment the giant stood up. “Sir, is there a problem with my service?” He asked stretching his jaw about. “No boy. I am more a fan of anal fucking. It’s what gets me off. The blowjob was excellent just not the sensation I need to blow my load.” I said with a smile. “Then Sir, may I humbly ask for your load? I can obtain a sling.” I nodded. I took each man from his task. “I am headed to the slings. I’m eager to fuck. If you do not want to fuck, leave now. I have appreciated all of your services.” I waited a moment and no one left. My giant strode ahead easily out pacing me. I kept my own pace behind him and my slave cadre behind me. He created a nice wake that was much easier to follow than getting around alone. A slight right, a slight left, and we came to a raised stage. Four black stairs lead up to a trio of slings all with their headrests pointing towards each other. It took him just a second to speak to someone using the sling and they left in a hurry.

He turned and leaned back into the sling suspending himself as comfortably as he could. This sling came without stirrups so he nimbly stretched his legs up to hook onto the sling supports. I turned towards the short goateed guy. “Prepare his hole for me boy.” I said curtly. Without complaint he sought out some lube packets. I grabbed the black jock by the back of the neck and brought him around to the head of the sling and tried to make them make out. The giant resisted and turned his head far away. I was shocked for a moment and then annoyed. I made a point of immediately making out with the guy and whispering a “sorry about that.” He said something but I couldn’t catch it. Instead I grabbed the Asian with the fro and put him and the black guy to work on the giant’s nipples.

Goatee stepped up to me. “His hole is prepared, Sir. It is pleasantly tight. Sir will have an enjoyable fuck. May I prepare your dick Sir?” He looked me straight in the eyes and I did not break his gaze. I stared back with intensity “Go ahead boy.” He reached out and grabbed my cock and massaged the lube into it roughly but slowly. I could feel him experiencing every vein and feature with his hand. It was one hell of a handjob but I never broke the gaze nor eased on the intensity. I could see his features soften a bit under the unmoving gaze. He may have blushed a little… or maybe it was the light. My hand came down and gripped his. I slowly moved it off my cock and squeezed his hand. I lead him to the giant and made them kiss. I received no resistance this time. I moved around to his asshole, hairy, winking, waiting.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Full Fetish

                For my 30th birthday my incredibly generous and wonderful parents offered to make my 3rd decade a memorable one. They offered travel as one of a few options for a present. I would’ve loved to have gone to London or Paris but saw the plane tickets even one way are just too much to ask. I decided I wanted to visit THE gay mecca. San Francisco. In fact, isn’t there a GIANT leather festival that goes on there? Why yes there is! Two in fact. Dore Alley sounded appealing, but I wanted to go to the most famous event. Folsom Street Fair.

                So I conned my parents into setting up a trip so I could go and experience San Francisco and the leather fair. I was there for 6 days and it was the best vacation I’ve ever taken. I did plenty there, but since this blog has been about my sex life I’m going to skip most of the trip. I want to focus on Full Fetish.

               Full Fetish was hosted by Recon and I was super hyped to go. I don’t normally enjoy sex parties. I’m an introvert, and I really enjoy the personal one on one intimacy of sex and BDSM. Privacy is important to me in the moment. That said, this was clearly leather and kink oriented so it seemed more engaging than a simple trip the bathhouse. 

                That night I’m prepping for my trip to Full Fetish and I fit myself into a brand new harness I had bought earlier that day at Mister S leather. The store was great, they had beer, models, and tons of patrons to celebrate Folsom. I strapped myself into the harness (the crossbow harness if you want to look it up) and secured the dangling clips to the back belt loops on my pants. Even though the harness held up my pants I slipped a black leather belt into the loops around my jeans. That allowed me to run the belt through one of my favorite toys, a small, black, leather paddle, that imprints the word “Slut” on someone’s ass if you hit them hard enough. I secured my big black leather boots (size 13 wide). 

                Once I was done admiring myself in the mirror I made my way to the club showing up intentionally a bit after the party started. Getting inside I immediately took off my shirt and popped it in my backpack and locked it. I’ve had some bad luck with shit getting stolen from my bag in coat check so I locked it with the lock from a chastity cage. There was a line to get into the coat check and it was moving slowly. I was very bored. Once I turned in my bag and got my ticket I turned around to leave and saw a small Latino guy looking at me with big doe eyes. I smirked and made a show of adjusting the harness against my skin and then turned and walked with confidence towards the door quickly. He followed me the whole way. I considered using my weight to press him against the wall, but decided that if I misinterpreted his interest that could be a problem and upset other guys eager to get into the party. Just before I turned the corner I saw him looking at me a moment longer and then headed up the stairs.

                The club space was pretty damn huge, much bigger than DC. It had a large main bar in the center of a room with booths forming an L shape along the west and south wall. Exploring into the club further I found another bar, much smaller, with booths along the west wall and a small lounge space beneath a large projector screen to the south. The bartender was a particularly beefy guy. There were a number of men fawning over him and I could see why. A short toned Latino with cropped hair got particularly brave and asked the bartender to stir the drink he ordered with the bartender’s dick. He giggled but it quickly stopped when the bar tender DID pull out his rather sizeable meat and dip it into the drink. I say “dip”, because this bar was using those tall thin glasses and his dick was thick enough that it fit, but wasn’t able to move around much. The bartender roughly put the glass on the bar. “I had to get messy to make this drink, clean it up!” the bartender growled. The Latino leapt off the barstool and happily suckled on his dick. Like a total badass he kept making other people drinks but refused to repeat the trick.

                I went to the dance floor but found it boring. As a big guy, when I dance, I find my body moves in ways that make me uncomfortable. The dance floor was moderately full and I wasn’t really surprised to see some men pressed up the wall getting fucked. It’s what most men want to do in any club so… what else is new?

                I’d been putting it off all night, but now that I felt I’d at least seen the rest of the club, I went to the area I figured I’d be spending all night. The cruising maze. This was hands down the largest part of an already huge building. The ceiling was probably 40 feet up and there were spotlights with dim, red or purple lights shining down below them and from so high up I was surprised how well I could see despite the low light. The entire “maze” was a series of chain link fences with tarp stretched over one side so you couldn’t see straight through. Throughout the maze were Saint Andrew’s crosses, tents (wherein it was completely dark for total anonymity), and in the center, a raised platform with 3 slings and several sofas for voyeurs.

                Heading into the maze it was already difficult to get around at 11:30 or so. Men lined the corridors connecting the maze making it narrow. Determined to find my first conquest of the night I pushed through and my hand brushed against several swollen cocks. That put a smile on my face. The corridor I walked down opened into a circle and another corridor continued opposite where I’d entered. As I came into the circle two men locked hands and cleared a space along the wall. I took their place back to the fence, one foot on the floor, the other pressed against the fence. I unzippered my jeans and let my leather jock strap breathe. 

               Off to the right across the room there was a tall white jock. Easily 6’6 he wore a harness that went around his shoulders more so than his chest, black boots that came just above his ankles, and a nasty pig jock strap. He had some hair that stood out against his nicely toned body. He had been checking me out since before I even noticed him. His expression was almost impossible to discern but his gaze emanated need. My eyes narrowed. I extended my right arm and pointed right at him and then beckoned him over. Though he closed the gap between us quickly, his stride was smooth and short. Once he stood before my I pointed at the ground and he kneeled as I freed my cock from the leather jockstrap undoing buttons. Even kneeled he came up to nipple level and he pressed his face into my belly, licking, moaning, and rubbing his face around. I watch him work, enjoying the sensations. He looks up at me eyes deep with need and lust. I smirk and push his head back to work. I look up and a lot of men seem to be jerking to this scene. In fact, there’s a particularly attractive black guy to my left who looks like he might be trying to get my attention from his body language and gaze…