Friday, December 5, 2014

Nerd vs Jock Part 3

“Alright faggot. You’re going to count each blow.” This is one of my favorite tactics. If you’ve never understood why, it causes the sub to focus on the blows instead of tuning them out and making the pain less severe. SWAT! I was right, his legs leapt into the air and he moaned loudly his hands clenching into fists. The skin lightened, a sign he was clenching pretty hard. I wait about 5 seconds and I hear nothing from him aside from moaning. I swat him about the same power twice very quickly. “COUNT!” I snarl. “THREE, SIR!” he yelps. “Nope, you weren’t counting. You’re at zero. The next hit is one.” I say with smugness in my voice. SWAT! “ONE, SIR!” I repeated this process until he reached ten. At that point he’d clearly reached his limit with the beating. His body quivered trying to cope with the stinging.
                “Drink up faggot.” I said bringing him a water bottle. After he’d gulped down most of the water I freed his hands from his collar (but not the restraints) and he seemed a bit refreshed. I grabbed the back of his head and brought him to my cock. At this point his face appeared to have some dried tears. Apparently, I’d struck harder than I thought. Hungry for my cock he sucked fervently. Tongue swirling, throat milking, and all with sloppy dick sucking noises. I relaxed for a moment simply content to enjoy his expert service enhanced by his lust.
                I considered for a moment blowing my load in his throat and having him choke it down, but ultimately, I’m not a big fan of oral. Instead I push his head off my dick. Strands of spit create a bridge to my dick. Now that it’s removed from his mouth all he can do is stare at it and stretch his lips, his mouth eager to be refilled. I grab the swiss navy lube and walk down to his feet. Grabbing both ankles I twist him onto his back. Use the lube shooter to quickly lube his ass. I’m a fan of those things as the tip becomes coated by filling and it usually does a good job of lubing the way in and it takes way less time than struggling with getting lube inside. I push his knees up so I can hook them on my shoulder exposing his asshole. My dick is completely hard and standing at attention waiting to dive in. Without looking at him I can sense his anticipation of penetration.
So instead, I reach down my right hand and jab a middle finger into his hole. I finger his ass spreading the lube and fingering his prostate hard. His ass quivers and I can feel a heat on his ass cheeks. The beating I’ve given him has set in and they are running rather hot. I adjust the finger fuck and intentionally dig my knuckles into his ass cheeks. I look up at his reaction and he winces as expected. But with his wrists bound they come up to his chest like a dog begging for a treat. He looks at me with a bit of fear, lust, and curiosity.
The finger fuck having done its job has loosened up his hole and slides out. I discreetly make a quick check to make sure he’s as clean as he claimed to be. All good. I lube up my cock with one hand and look him right in the eye the whole time. I smoothly move forward, hooking both knees over my shoulders and bringing my upper body to hang above him. I grabbed the clip holding his restraints together and forced them over his head. His eyes widened as he knew it was finally the moment he has been anticipating. Unlike everything else I put him through so far, I ease my dick inside him. This was in fact for my own comfort and pleasure. The benefits to him were a side effect but I also had put him through quite a bit at this point and wanted him to be able to enjoy this part.
I started slow with the strokes. His ass was tight, smooth, and perfectly slick. It felt amazing on my dick. When it comes right down to it, anal sex is my optimal sex. I enjoy it more than masturbation and oral. BDSM is a nice replacement in instances where folks don’t want to do raw sex. I can usually do some form of BDSM and respect their choices while getting some sexual satisfaction from it. I pick up the pace and start moving into strong medium strokes. As I do, the key hanging from my neck jangles forwards and backwards. It’s hitting him in the face in various locations. His eyes occasionally shut closed hoping he won’t get hit in the eye, but when they open his eyes show him to be deep in subspace. His breathing is heavy and my belly is slamming into his cock cage and I can feel wet precum spilling forth. 
I reach forward with my free hand and wrap it about his throat. Often times when I do this I feel the sub’s arms tense and strain. In this case I feel the faggot’s arms slacken. He stretches his head up and back exposing his throat. My hand tightens about his neck and I can see his face puff a bit as his mouth gasps. His struggle to breathe and acceptance of his situation send me over the edge. All at once in the course of 2 seconds I feel the build come out of control and in sweet release I unleash my load deep inside his guts. “I could feel that.” I hear him whisper. I kiss him deeply tongue forcing its way into his mouth as my cock spits its last contributions into his willing ass. I can feel his ass clench and unclench around my spent cock…

Friday, November 21, 2014

Nerd vs Jock Part 2

From that point I started off with some light to medium impacts across his back. I steered clear of the spine and the soft organs above his hips. First, I grabbed the light cane I had. It made a quiet swish as it sailed through the air. Light smacking noises echoed slightly in my room like oversized raindrops exploding on pavement. It was pretty obvious he was enjoying himself. He cooed loudly and uttered breathy "Sirs" here and there. He squirmed left then right his ass rising and falling to meet a blow and recede again as if the force of my blows pushed him down.

I noticed as his ebony ass rose that there was a damp spot on my bed. I watched closely and did an experimental swat to make him move again and saw he was leaking copious amounts of precum into my sheets. The puddle was twice the size of a dollar coin and way more tasty. I dipped a finger into the sticky puddle and had a taste. It was lightly salty and very appealing. I reached around his hips and grabbed both sides and suddenly jerked him down to the end of my bed.

He looked up startled and a bit worried. "Wha-" he started to say. I grabbed his head and forced his nose and mouth into the slimy puddle. "Now faggot, I'm doing you the courtesy of allowing you to be in my presence. I know you're excited but you are expected to clean up after yourself. Lick this fag juice from my sheets." I was surprised by how quickly he adjusted to the situation, he licked and pulled the bed sheet into his mouth and began to suck audibly, ravenously, like he hadn't eaten in a day. In a few seconds the sheet was simply wet, no longer slick with his slimy precum. I released his head and to my surprise, he scooted back from the spot he'd straddled on the carpet and sucked the precum from that surface too. "I have cleaned my mess Sir, I beg for you to continue Sir!" he cooed.

 "Oh shut up faggot, like I give a fuck about your wants or needs..." I growled grabbing him by the leash and pulling him onto the bed face down into the pillow. I grabbed the paddle I have labeled "Slut". I gave him a sudden swat across the ass without any warning. He yelped and started to curl up. I grabbed him by the cock cage and tugged it towards me. He immediately uncoiled and moaned into the pillow. "Stay spread eagle faggot or there will be no mercy." I snarl. Without further warning I swat his ass repeatedly at about 5 out of 10. He screamed into the pillow and my dick hardened. I waited for a moment, completely silent. His face remained in the pillow and he didn’t move. The silence was short as I heard a whimper from the pillow and I swatted his ass again without a word. This time the tension I’d created proved too much. His left leg jerked suddenly (more out of surprise than pain) and his kick hit a picture on my wall. That picture was knocked upward crashing into two other framed pictures knocking all 3 to the ground. The black frames had made a long black scar on the wall as they crashed to the floor.

I grabbed his hip and rolled him over to the right immediately. “Do. Not. Move.” I said tersely. Peering over the edge of my bed carefully I found the frames had fallen on pillows I’d moved off the bed. There was no broken glass. I climb onto the bed and push the faggot onto his back and straddle his waist. He looks afraid. “I believe I told you to stay in spread eagle.” I said slowly. “Sir! SIR! I’ll replace them! I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t prepared!” he cried in some fear but not panicked. This was for my benefit. “I HATE repeating myself faggot. I’m going to get something a bit more stingy.” I raise off his waist and notice that there is a long sticky drip of precum stuck to the back of my thigh. I twirl around and press that thigh into his face. “You made a mess faggot. You know what to do.” I had the biggest smile on my face but since there was no way he could see it so I allowed myself a moment of glee.

He lapped hungrily at my large thigh. He cleaned the precum up in an instant and immediately started expanding in a circle. He moaned and lapped hungrily and very rapidly found himself at my asshole. He swirled his tongue and sucked at my hole. I was surprised and wanted to punish him for not acting exactly as instructed. The sensation was skillfully exacted on my hole and I decided not to punish a job well done. There would be plenty of time to work him into a slave that acts as precisely as clockwork. I let him lick for about 45 seconds and felt the need to follow through on promised punishment so I pulled myself away from his face and grabbed the crop from my trunk lid.

He saw the crop and started to squirm. Rather than even bothering to ask I grabbed wrist restraints which have a two headed clip and secured them to his hands. I then slipped the clip through the ring in the collar about his neck and clipped it to the ring. His arms now well up and away from being able to protect his vulnerable ass cheeks. I grabbed his shoulder and left ass and pulled them roughly landing him on his face. I could hear him whimpering and see him squirm. There was no reason to force a spread eagle here, but his legs looked almost certain to flail so I repositioned myself away so I wouldn’t get kicked in the nuts. “This is to teach you a bit of self-discipline boy. When I tell you to hold a position you must hold it faggot.” I said and flexed my riding crop…

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Simple Dinner

This story took place early in 2011. The first slave I'd ever played with had given me a bit of a tutorial during our first session and he gave me a few things to read. I read a story about some protocol one of the Sirs in the book imposed upon his dinner guest. I was enamored with the chance to incorporate light domination in public. I read the story multiple times and lifted some of the elements I knew would be incorporated into my own dinner. Little did i know dinner was going to go slightly different from the short recounting I read. We had set up another meeting and afterwards we were going to go to dinner.

My slave arrived and we had another raucous session. I only let us go for dinner once I had his ass so bruised he wouldn't be able to sit comfortably. We ended up going to a nearby brew house. My boy was about to open the door for me and I stopped him. "Boy, before we go in for dinner there are some rules you need to know." I said enunciating each word clearly. "You are not to speak to anyone in the restaurant except for me. If anyone asks you a question look to me and say nothing. If you are alone say the absolute minimum required to end the conversation immediately. I will be ordering dinner for both of us. You will tell me what you want and I will decide if it's what you shall have. Do you have any food allergies I should be aware of?" I said this all looking directly into his eyes, there was no malice to my voice. I was stating simple facts and I could see him accepting that as a new world he would inhabit inside the restaurant. "...No sir, I have no allergies and I understand." I felt him shiver. This boy had a habit of shivering, often times visibly because he was trying to contain his excitement at someone treating him as he craved.

I gestured to the door and he opened it for me. I strode in and flashed two fingers to the waitress. The restaurant was done in medium tone wood. Neon signs, televisions flashing a variety of sports, and kitschy Americana decorated the walls. The restaurant had a bar to the left and three men sat a respectable distance apart and watched the games on TV. They looked a bit distant and frankly like they'd been recently realizing that their own lives exhausted them.

The restaurant was largely empty. Two other tables contained patrons. The waitress was about to lead us to our table but I pointed to a different one in the corner. It was a table for two and one of the two chairs had a degree of privacy. The other patrons wouldn't be able to see anyone seated there, but the opposite seat was completely exposed. The waitress took us there and I glanced at the seat, my slave for the evening immediately leapt forward and pulled out my chair. I seated myself and put the red cloth napkin over my lap and looked at his chair. The boy quickly plopped himself into the chair and sat there hands folded in front of him. The waitress had an eyebrow raised. "Your server will be with you... shortly." she said and left quickly.

I looked directly at my slave glanced at his menu. He picked it up and read quietly. I did the same but of course I knew what I wanted before I even walked in. I gave him a bit and noticed he was avoiding my gaze. "Boy, this is not a high protocol situation. If I've given you that impression, then let me amend it. You may speak to me at will and you need not be so tense. We're here for a nice dinner. I won't be trotting you around the restaurant on a leash to impress the patrons." I said this quietly and he leaned in to pay attention. When I was done, his knuckles stopped being white and I could see a great deal of tension leave his body. "Th-thank you Sir." he whispered his voice dry. "You should really let me know what you want boy." I said. He considered a moment longer, "I'd like the steak if that's alright with you Sir and a beer."

My slave drank a third of the glass in front of him quickly. Our waiter arrived. "My name is Adrian. I'll be your server for the evening." he said cheerfully. In his 30s about 5'7 with dark hair and a medium build he smiled with a practiced expression. "What can I order for you tonight?" he looked between the both of us, so I immediately ordered first. The waiter wrote that down. "And for you Sir?" he said looking at my boy. I almost chuckled at the idea of him being called Sir. My boy flushed a light red and looked down but in my direction. I let him squirm for just a second and ordered for him. "How big are your steaks?" the waiter quickly used his hands to approximate their size. "That's a bit much for him; can we get one half that size?" The waiter paused and agreed writing that down. He turned to my slave and asked how he liked his steak. "Medium." I said without missing a beat. My slave turned slightly darker red. "I... see... and a side?" Again turning to my slave for an answer. "Mashed potatoes." I said, starting to get annoyed that the waiter wasn't listening to the person doing the ordering. This time he didn't take his gaze off my boy who was noticeably red with his shoulders hunched forward looking down. "A Miller LIGHT for him." I said.

The waiter took our menus and said he'd be back with our drinks. He vanished quickly with an inscrutable expression on his face. I heard a gasp from across the table. I was astonished to see my slave had actually held his breath for much of that conversation. "Boy, you seem really stressed out by this. Can you handle it? Our safe word can still apply here." I said with what I hoped sounded like genuine concern. "Sir, this is so much better than I'd hoped for this evening. Thank you so much for taking the time to eat with me Sir." he said the words quickly and very quietly. I flashed a confident and wry smile. "You're welcome boy."

The waiter dropped off our drinks. He turned to my slave and said "Sir, this is kind of odd to say, but we're out of mashed potatoes apparently, may I offer something else as a side dish?" I raised an eyebrow, who the hell runs out of mashed potatoes? It's dead in here and we're in at 7 pm on a Saturday. "He'll have the green beans then." I said a bit more annoyed this time. The waiter looked at me, back to my boy, and back at me. "Sorry Sir, of course." he left us again. He came back a minute or two later. "I don't know where my head is, that's a Budweiser light." the waiter said, he took the drink and turned to me "Sorry Sir, I’ll replace this right away." he lifted the drink and returned a moment later with an identical drink. He placed the drink in front of me and waited. I lifted the drink and placed it in front of my boy. I glanced from my boy to the drink and my boy took a sip the head crusting his upper lip. The waiter saw this and left without another word.

Soon our dinners arrived. He had each plate in a hand. He made a point and a display of serving me first and orienting the plate properly. Barely glancing he placed the plate in front of my boy slightly eschew. "Is there anything else you need Sir?" he asked cheerfully. "Please replace this salt shaker, its empty." I said. "Very good sir does... he... need anything?"The waiter said not taking his eyes off me. I suppress a smirk. "We're good thanks." I said.

For the rest of the evening the waiter hovered way more than was necessary, making a show of attending to my every need before I even had a need. The boy watched this entirely in silence. Each time the waiter approached his conversation would cease entirely until the waiter left. It all came to a head when the waiter came over for a 4th time to offer to refresh my drink. That's when he really went out on a limb. "Does... IT... need anything?" I heard my boy sharply inhale at that obvious reference. To the waiter's credit he appeared calm and his expression was unchanged and friendly. "No thank you, it has had enough. I don't want to carry it home. "I said politely. The waiter went to attend to another table. I looked back at my boy. He was BRIGHT red, and looking straight down at the plate in front of him. Amused I threw out a casual "Sup?" a hand darted under the table and grabbed mine. He pulled gently, but insistently and I was curious to see where my hand was headed. A second later it was buried in his crotch. He was ROCK hard and more interestingly; there was a small wet spot on the front of his pants about the size of a dime. "Boy, have you precumed through your boxers and into your jeans?" I said a smirk spreading across my face. "Sir, yes sir. My cock is a humiliated fountain and it will not stop leaking everywhere." he said struggling with the words. "Well what do you say when Sir does something nice for you?" I said cockily. "Sir, thank you SIR!" he exclaimed, that final SIR audible to others around us. The waiter dropped off the check. "It has been a... pleasure... to serve you sir." he said and quickly left.

"Boy... this evening's meal is on me, but... I think you should leave the tip. Think carefully about what this waiter deserves for his service." my eyes locked with his. The slave reached into his wallet and ended up pulling out what amounted to a 40% tip. I grinned widely.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nerd vs Jock Part 1

Another night and I was online with Recon. I was looking through profiles and came across one that really got my attention. He was only two years younger than me, excellent muscled body, black, submissive, a self described jock, and into chastity. He was exactly what I was looking for but his profile stated that he was into fit guys. I am most definitely not fit. Working on it... but at the moment I'm a heavy bear/chub. I cruised him and very quickly got a cruise back. Surprised, I reached out and messaged him. That was all it took. He was hooked.

We chatted for five days and found we both were really compatible in terms of interest. I went ahead and told him he should come over on a Thursday night. This was the first time in awhile that I'd had someone that I had such synchronicity with. My favorite thing to do with subs, especially jocks, is to get into their psychology and find out what makes up their sub space. It's usually pretty easy with jocks as they've always gotten by on their bodies and less so on their mind. Although I will say, DC has a lot of smart talented people so, many times, this stereotyping has failed me. Not this time though. His thoughts are very surface level and easy to pick up on. He's into me and it's time to make my move. I told him to come over on Thursday.

No matter how into me a boy seems I never believe men are going to show up until they are in my bed naked. So while I'd thought out what I'd do if he came over, I was fully prepared to entertain myself for the evening. Or look for other ass to fuck, beat, or tie up. I got a text indicating that he was a block away. I took a moment and grabbed my toys I thought I might use and brought laid them out quickly. I raced to the bathroom and used some mouthwash quickly.

I opened the front door and politely waved him in. He just made it past the door when I suddenly threw my weight at him and pressed him against the wall with my forearm at his throat.

"Hey faggot. I am glad you came. You ready to serve me fag?" I grinned and looked him right in the eyes intensely. He nodded slowly. He looked a little nervous. Can't let that nervousness settle in his mind. With the forearm at his throat I gripped his shoulder and turned him and pushed him down the short entry way to my apartment. I steered him to my room and closed and locked the door. Once there I gave him a moment to look around.

 "Faggot, we have discussed safety prior to this but I am going to go over it again. You will save all questions till the end." I gripped his jaw with my hand and looked him dead in the eye. "Your safe word is 'Yellow' if you say that safe word the action will stop and I will check in on you. Any bindings you may be in will be undone. There is no shame involved in using the safe word, nor is there any 'control over the scene'. By playing with a safe word I know that if you are not using it I am free to play as I deem appropriate for this scene. Furthermore, if your mouth is full of my COCK or something less tasty, I will reach over and slip my hands into yours. If you squeeze it as hard as you can I will stop the scene. If you squeeze my hand twice and lightly I’ll continue on. Do you understand these instructions?" He nods his head. "Do you have anything to add you think I should know?" Another nod.

"Strip faggot!" I barked. He quickly started to undress. "Slowly..." I said. He hesitated and then took his clothes off a bit more seductively. His skin was silky smooth and dark. He absolutely lived up to his pictures. His body was muscled and lean. I felt warmth spreading through my mind. A velvet haze I've come to recognize as a heady mix of attraction and dominance bubbled to the surface like a kettle slowly building to a boil.

My slave had stripped down to his jock but stopped there. I stepped forward and stretched my hand out and grasped the elastic and tugged his jock down revealing his cock. His cock was thick but not especially large. I grabbed the shaft section of my CB 6000 and tried to slip his cock into it. Despite having the largest size that was offered his cock was difficult to fit in. As I tried he winced in pain and struggled to fit him in. I tried some lube but it became clear that the cage was still barely going to fit him.

The slave whined about the discomfort. I snatched up a bit of water based lube and sparingly applied it to his cock and that did it. The cock popped into the cage and I was finally able to secure everything in place. I looped the lock into the slot but didn't lock it. Instead, I stood and put the key on a chain necklace. I held it before me and started him unflinchingly in the eye. "Kiss it." I instructed. His nose wrinkled as if I asked him to kiss a dead fish and he did so. I flashed a toothy grin. "You just kissed your freedom goodbye." I growled. "You sick fuck!" he gasped as I locked his cage and put the key around my neck. It hung lightly halfway between my chin and nipples.

I reached over to my wrist restraints and put them on his wrists as tightly as I could. I secured a metal clip binding the thick leather straps together. Once secured I roughly grabbed the link and yanked him towards the bed. Rather than go in the direction he was forced he simply stumbled forward slightly. Annoyed at his passivity I reached out a foot and pushed him much harder onto the bed. I heard a familiar pitch in his voice. He was about to start whining again. I reached over to my desk and snatched the riding crop.

With one swift motion I brought it down quickly about 2 inches from his face. He flinched and was silenced.

To be continued...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things Online Subs Do That Drive Me Crazy

I'm working on some of my more recent adventures for publication but I wanted to be able to post something quickly so that folks would see I am trying to get out more posts.

The easiest and preferred way for me to meet submissives is via apps and Recon. I have other sites i visit too. I deal with boys almost daily who do things that have listed below and i thought it might be easier to just put this out there and maybe it will help someone and vent my frustrations.

I was talking to a switch friend of mine. He recently started exploring his switch side and was dealing with submissives for the first time. He and I were bitching about submissives and I thought that it might be an interesting post. This is just my opinion. If you'd like to comment on it please feel free to do so respectfully as I intend no insult to the MANY MANY submissives that do not do these things.

The two of us are mostly dealing with subs new to the scene and guys on the net. So... without further ado... Things subs do to drive me crazy.

1) The question: "How kinky are you?"

The gripe: This question is really difficult to answer. There's no quantitative way to answer the question. Who cares? Aren't you just being picky author? Yea a bit, but here's why it matters. If I say "VERY KINKY" I have no idea what that means to you. Maybe it means lashing you on the back with a single tail till you bleed. Maybe it means diaper play. Maybe it means clothespins. Whatever it means, it can and has instantly stopped a conversation when I've answered "very kinky", or even just "kinky".

The solution: Just ask a dom what he's into. It may not be a short list. But personally? I just hyper link everyone to my Recon profile and let them decide whether they're interested or not. By asking what the Sir you're interested in is into, you're learning specifics that help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, and I would think this part is most important; asking about his answers can give you a sense of how experienced a person is.

2) The issue: Guys see my recon profile and complain about one or two items in it and then ultimately don't play.

The gripe: I am a diverse kinkster. I have a variety of interests. There's probably someone out there who shares all my kinks but he and I are probably one in a few thousand. That means just because it's on my profile DOES NOT mean I expect you to do it. Even among dom and sub sex is a negotiation process for gay men. If you don't want to do something just put it as a limit and we're good to go.

The solution: This issue is probably a bit unique to me and it's just as likely that any given sub was just going to flake anyways. Submissives, if you don't already know, the secret to a dom's power is that we have no power over you that you don't grant us. That means, if you don't want to do something. Say so up front. Play with a safe word and don't play with someone you don't trust.

3) The issue: Flaking.

The gripe: This one I definitely have to acknowledge is not just submissives. I know dominants flake too. So do twinks, bears, otters, etc. This is a much more universal problem. I'm not sure why this is such a problem. It seems like it might be because it's more socially acceptable to stand someone up than it is to tell them "I don't think I can do this" or "you know I don't think we're a match after all". I'm not sure what flakers are afraid of what honesty would do. Do they think we'll yell at them? Cause frankly, I'd like to thank them for not wasting my time, or having to tell others that I'm not interested because I have someone coming over who never shows up. I have no idea why men do this but of the possible reasons: Arrogance, nervousness, no intention of showing up in the first place, because he can, to mess with weird or ugly guys, or even a legitimate reason he couldn't come. Each possibility is less appealing than the next. It's a wonder people manage to ever get together.

The solution: Yeah, I know. If there was a magical solution it wouldn't be an issue. I've made it a personal policy to at least tell people I’m not interested. That's the best I can come up with on this one. All I can do is vent. That said. The advantage of honesty? You could make a new kinkster friend. At the bare minimum he should speak well of you for being honest with him if someone should ask about you. Gay men love to talk. Your reputation will precede you and can hurt you when you find someone you actually want to spend time with.

4) The issue: chatting prior to meeting up and asking "exactly what would you do to me?"

The gripe: This one I get pretty well. You're putting yourself at a risk by meeting up with someone you don't know and potentially getting tied up. Here's the problem though. A LARGE number of subs ask this question. To answer it is a big investment of time on my tiny phone (less so on my keyboard). And it most often involves a request for more information. I believe that often times men are doing this so they can beat off to whatever I write. It's a problem for me because submissives are potentially here to serve my needs and my needs are NOT being served by typing a long monologue to you about the boots I own you want to lick, only to find you never show up. I'm tired of talking about sex. I want to have it.

The solution: You want to suss out whether a Sir is worth your time? Compatible? Here's a few different suggestions: Check his profile on recon or fetlife. See if he has a lot of friends. Someone well connected to the community or at least someone with 3-4 friends is more likely to be a good guy since he'll have people who invested in time with him after sex. How many one night stands have you never spoken to again? My point exactly. Next suggestion? Ask him about his best session. Even I love to recount that particular story (stay tuned, its coming). When you get your answer make a decision and be honest and direct with your answer whatever it is. My final suggestion? See if you know anyone in the kink scene in common. Do your own checking up on a would-be partner.

I may write a few more of these if I think of more but for now that should be pretty good. Am I off base? Let me know, constructively :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fighting for Dominance (end) Part 3

The pressure lets up and I swallow a large breath of oxygen. Less than three breaths and I suddenly take a blow to the back of the head.

"Get UP puta!" he shouts. "You've got more fight in you than that!"

Suddenly I had a thought. I stand up slowly and with a wobble. I put out an arm to steady myself. I hear the carpet behind me compress with his footstep. I suddenly ball my left arm into a fist, which I grip with my right arm and slam it backwards with all my might. The elbow connects and I feel the tendon shift uncomfortably. I also feel that I caught his diaphragm off center so the wind is only partially knocked out of him.

I whip around and pull his arm behind him, twisting it painfully towards his shoulder blades. I can hear him straining to breathe and endure what was probably a really painful twisting of his arm.

"Surrender you fucking cunt!" I snarled, "I have no problem whatsoever with popping this arm out of your shoulder socket!"

I went quiet suddenly as I realized I was the hardest I've ever been. I'm still not entirely sure if it was that I was inflicting considerable pain, or the entire scene that had me so hard but it was a painful raging erection.

Then he tried a quick twist to get himself free of me while I was momentarily distracted. The surprise caused me to clamp down hard and push his arm even more painfully back. He yelped.

"Give UP!" I spat.
"I... surrender..." he muttered.
"I can't hear you!" I said triumphantly.
"Jesus fuck! My friends are in the next room. I surrender! Keep it down asshole." he snarled.

I released him and shoved him away from me onto the bed. He flexed his shoulder and massaged it with his spare hand.

"You fight dirty." he accused.
"And you don't? Those neck holds are no joke." I countered. "You gave up. Your ass is mine."
"I know the score. I thought you'd be a challenging fight, but I did not expect you to beat me. I studied Brazilian martial arts."
"You asshole! Did you let me win?! Someone who's never been in a fight can just beat a martial artist?" I said suspiciously...
"I would never surrender for no reason puta. You surprised me. I may have gotten a little overconfident as well... Regardless, I don't have all day. What do you want me to do?"

My opponent wouldn't look me in the eye. He just scowled off into a corner. Probably replaying the fight in his head... Fine by me. I didn't just want victory. I wanted my opponent to really feel the defeat. Then again... Probably best to use a hardon like this before my dick explodes from the pressure.

"On your knees... LOSER." I declared with insufferable smugness. He complied.
"Open your mouth; you're going to suck my nuts. Slowly."

I lifted my dick up towards my big belly and my nuts dangled loosely in their sack. I plopped them down on the bridge of his nose and I could feel a sudden inhalation of my scent. He opened his mouth and took not one but both nuts in his mouth. They were sweaty from all the fighting. It had gotten quite warm in here as we fought.

"Yea you like those salty nuts?" I said slapping my cock against his nose and face. He grunted but kept sucking. As much as I enjoyed the sensation my dick was twitching with the opportunity to fuck his hole. I glanced at the clock. Fuck. Only a bit under an hour before I'm supposed to meet friends for dinner. I pulled back and once my balls were free (safely) I thrust my right hand under his jaw and latched onto his neck in a tight grip. I pulled him to standing. He looked me right in the eye. He hated every second of this. I could practically smell the defiance... but that was probably just his quite ripe pits.

I smirked and pushed him to the bed hard. I pried open his legs and he grabbed a pillow to put over his face. I grabbed my lube shooter and dipped it in the "Swiss Navy" bottle of silicone lube. I quickly jammed the shooter up his hole in one swift motion. His ass was a bit tight but nowhere near tight enough to prevent my probing. With his hole lubed up, no condom in place, I lined up and thrust home.

I EARNED that ass. My legs wobbled a moment when I bottomed out. It was an ideal tightness and I was really ready to blow. I decided I needed to endure enough to make my victory last. He tensed up and strained obviously a bit in pain. I waited and made a comment about giving him a brief breather. He didn't respond nor could I see his face under the pillow. I began a slow thrust thirty seconds later. He tensed up immediately but I simply fucked through it this time. I started to sweat from my forehead and as it dripped down my forehead it landed on his beefy muscular belly and cock.

The need to blow was building and I could feel my balls churning up a large load. I wanted to stop right there. Unfortunately, the thought of being late for a special occasion made me decide it was time. I picked up the pace forcing the sensations to build up to that awesome peak and I blew my load deep inside his ass. I fired 6 pulses of hot sticky seed splashing against his guts. This entire time he'd been doing his best to keep as silent as possible, but he gripped the pillow and let out a pleasured cry. I pulled my still hard dick from his hole, the sudden suction caused jizz to spill down his left leg.

I reached down and gripped his arm and pulled him up to standing and thrust my fist out between it. He looked at it and bumped my fist.

"Well fought man... Even if you are a dickhole, you fight well." I said confidently.
"Yea it might have been a bit better than I was expecting." he said.
"Whatever bro, I gotta get out of here I'm late." I said gathering my clothes. From my bent over position I could see my jizz sliding down onto his bedspread. I smirked.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fighting for Dominance (again) Part 2

The Latino took it easy on me for a few minutes and instructed me to worship his body with my tongue. He wrapped his thick muscular arms about my upper body and held me close to him while I lapped at his nipples. As my tongue traced wet circles over his nipple, he grunted and sighed heavily.

"You're a tough fucker." he grunted
I glared up over his bulging pectorals. "You too."

I was hesitant to lavish the victor in praise. As a dominant I make a point of having subs praise me near incessantly. Being constantly in the position to value someone without receiving compliments in return weakens one's position with the person you're praising. The more you concede the easier it is to concede more. Whether or not I have lost the fight, I'm still a dominant and he won't turn me into a mewling sub just by wrestling me down...

"I enjoyed that fight, you can really throw your weight around and you nearly got out of my grip on several occasions. How long have you been fighting for?" he asks as his biceps wrap about my head pressing my face against his nipples harder as I use the edges of my teeth lightly.

Some guys are super sensitive, he was not. he seemed to enjoy the rough attention. I didn't appreciate the half-hearted attempt to crush my skull but didn't dare brush him off or I'd risk being made unconscious and waking up to something less gentle.

"That was my first fight actually." I said. "You didn't seem as tough online as you turned out to be in person."

That made him smile quite broadly. "I liked fighting you. You have a lot of strength and spirit when you fight. What do you say to best two out of three?" he presses my head down to his crotch and rubs his dick in my face through the lycra. "Get it wet puta."

I drag my tongue wetly across the surface and consider his proposition. You know that smell that men have when they haven't showered for about 6 hours? The smell of balls churning out inside? That's precisely what his lycra jock tasted like. And whether I'm his "puta" or not... I really enjoyed that taste and savored it. I'm not even remotely ashamed to point out that I would salivate, let it soak in, and then draw the liquid back out of his jock and let it rest on my tongue.  After a minute I said, "Fine best of three."

"I said best two out of three little puta. Are you hard of hearing?" he growled grinning widely. At the time I have to admit I didn't know what puta meant. I knew it wasn't flattering, but I took German in high school. I wish I'd taken Spanish instead, that ended up being way more useful. Regardless, I found the insult somehow a bit more stinging. I kept all my jabs in English and he knew full well what I was saying but somehow not knowing an appropriate retort was pissing me off. "I refuse to fight you again unless I get two chances to take you down fucker. Did victory make you into a content pussy?" I whispered, mustering my best intimidating glare.

He simply laughed. "Not in the slightest. I wanted to be sure that when you almost passed out that I didn't kill your fighting spirit. No point in going again if you aren't going to give me a challenge. Hold it there. I want you to rest a little bit before we continue fighting and I'm nowhere near done appreciating the spoils of my victory."

He pulls me off his cock and I displayed disappointment on my face until I realize it's showing and glare at him. It's too late though. "Can't get enough of my cock huh? You haven't even tasted that flesh. If you win a round I'll let you taste it." he gives me a throaty chuckle. I turn away for a moment annoyed to have given him the upper hand. His right arm snaps out and grabs the back of my head firmly smashing it into his chest. I struggle but with one hand he holds my head in place.

"Before we start, you're going to lick every drop of sweat off my chest. I suggest big broad paths instead of those little clitoral flicks you've been doing with your tongue. If you think that I'm going to get off to that shit you'll be here all night. START!" he jams my face in so hard I hear a slight crack in my nose and I stick out my tongue. I lick from his hips all the way up just short of his pits. I do these broad licks from the hips to the collar bones all the way across his body. No inch left unlicked. The sweaty tang really was intoxicating. As high as I was getting off the taste, I was clearly having an effect back. I could feel his skin shiver as I passed over it and muscles contract just underneath the surface. His grip on the back of my head tightens. I immediately stop licking and bite down on his left pectoral. He stops increasing pressure and utters a deep moan. I maintain my pressure and he grips a little harder. I bite harder again in response. This time he smacks my head. I let go but pull back and glare at him again.

"You're itching for this fight as much as I am aren't you?" he growls. "I hope you're ready. You need a win if you expect to have a chance of having me serve you."

"Bring it cunt." I snap back. He and I circle each other again. "I know your tricks now, and I know how to throw my weight around. I don't see you winning this fight." I snarl.

He reaches out with both hands and grabs the back of my neck pulling my head to meet his gently. He looks me dead in the eyes. "I love taking cocky fuckers like you down. There's no end to your ego is there?" he says his stare never breaking. "Absolutely not. If you didn't think I could back it up we wouldn't be about to do this twice. I know all the same mind games you do." I whisper back with a toothy grin. "It's no game puta. I could see the faggot in you surface as you worshiped me. I suggested the fight now before you lost your will to fight." My eyes narrowed. "I can enjoy it without losing an ounce of myself. Do you never taste your subs? I'm showing you how it's done cunt. I expect you to live up to my performance when you lose. You'll be my good little faggot soon."

For a moment I considered he might have a point. I pushed it out of my head. Physically, I pushed him. Hard. Harder than either of us expected. He flew back and stumbled landing roughly in that little arm chair hotels provide. He looks startled but I can get this fight off to a good start by taking advantage here. I rush forward and grab the arms of the chair and bring my knees up and spread them apart hitting him about nipple high and digging them in between him and the fabric attempting to lodge them in there and prevent him from getting the leverage he needs to throw me off. The impact causes him to exhale a bit. I immediately bring my jock up to his face and slam my face and raging cock into his nose and mouth. He's forced to exhale my scent this time and I use my arms to press his face into it deeper. His open mouth is stuffed with my cock mid-breath and his nose is jammed into my belly. I can see a moment of panic come across his face as his breath drew short. He is attempting to breathe around my belly through his nose. "Ha," I thought "let's see how you deal with being nearly choked out."

Crap. By jamming his face into my crotch I shifted my center of gravity and I wasn't pinning him as hard as I needed to. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and actually lifts me up and pushes me away. As I lose my balance he falls with me and we both travel a short distance landing on the bed. I claw and struggle to get out of that grip  but he's just managing to hold it. I pound with my fists on his sides, but he continues to keep a secure grip on me. I summon all my strength and really start slamming my fists into his sides. I hear wet thuds echo as my fists rain down on his sweating flesh.

Just what I needed. He loosens his grip on my lower body for a split second. I try to unfold my legs pushing up and away from him and grab the bed trying to pull myself free. It was a trap. As soon as he lets my legs uncurl he uses my own momentum to twirl me about. I'm suddenly face down on the bed and his arm is around my neck again. He doesn't hesitate to really apply force. My temples and features bulge with his effort. He happened to catch me in this grip just after I'd exhaled. "Surrender." he hisses. I have no oxygen in my lungs. I can't speak, I can't surrender. I weakly tug at his arm but his left arm is being used as leverage to apply the force.

My mind is already fading and I feel more pressure being applied. Colors start to grey and I feel warmth spread across me...

To be continued in the final part. Part 3.